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This is a list of important people.

Religous Figuresעריכה

Jesus and the Twelve Apostlesעריכה


United States Politiciansעריכה


First Ladyעריכה

Vice Presidentעריכה

Second Ladyעריכה

Speaker of the House of Representativesעריכה

President Pro Tempore of the Senateעריכה

Secretary of Stateעריכה

Secretary of the Treasuryעריכה

Secretary of Defenseעריכה

Attorney Generalעריכה

Secretary of the Interiorעריכה

Secretary of Agricultureעריכה

Secretary of Commerceעריכה

Secretary of Laborעריכה

Secretary of Commerce and Labor (not active)עריכה

Head of the Department of Commerce and Labor. February 18, 1903 - March 4, 1913

Secretary of Health and Human Servicesעריכה

Head of the Department of Health and Human Services. August 3, 1979 - present

Secretary of Housing and Urban Developmentעריכה

Head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. January 18, 1966 - present

Secretary of Transportationעריכה

Head of the Department of Transportation. January 16, 1967 - present

Secretary of Energyעריכה

Head of the Department of Energy. August 6, 1977 - present

Secretary of Educationעריכה

Head of the Department of Education. November 30, 1979 - present

Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (not active)עריכה

Head of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. April 11, 1953 - October 17, 1979

Secretary of Veterans Affairsעריכה

Head of the Department of Veterans Affairs. March 15, 1989 - present

Secretary of Homeland Securityעריכה

Head of the Department of Homeland Security. January 24, 2003 - present

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