Wanted (2008)

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"If no one ever told you that bullets fly straight, what would you do?"


  • Director: Timur Bekmambetov
  • Starring:
    • James McAvoy
    • Angelina Jolie
    • Morgan Freeman
  • Studio: Universal Pictures
  • Released: June 27, 2008
  • Rating: R
  • Length: 110 minutes
  • Genre: Action
  • Tagline: Choose your destiny.
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Plot Summaryעריכה

"It is a choice, Wesley, that each of us must face: to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate... or, you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside. Our purpose is to maintain stability in an unstable world - kill one, save a thousand. Within the fabric of this world, every life hangs by a thread. We are that thread - a fraternity of assassins, weapons of fate. This is the decision that lies before you now: the sheep, or the wolf. The choice is yours."


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